Our Process


At Signature Lux, we are committed to capturing each client’s individual style, understanding their surroundings, and defining how they want to live. Creating a unique space means establishing personal client relationships, something we pride ourselves on.

Our clients are involved throughout the building process from initial consult to completion, and we welcome them to join us onsite to see their ideas come to life.

Signature Lux builds on an open and ongoing personal client relationship and ensures the quality and luxury clients expect from a custom build or renovation.

Step 1: Initial Enquiry

No fee

The process commences when you complete and submit our consultation form to help us better understand your project and goals. Upon submission, a member of our team will be in contact with you to set-up a time to connect and discuss.

Step 2: Project Evaluation

No fee

At this stage, we will evaluate your enquiry. This is the point where we will advise if we can take on the requested project, approximate timeline and next steps. We may choose to decline the project for circumstances such as location, current project load, project scope and/or budget concerns.

Step 3: Site Visit

No fee

To move forward with an initial estimate, an in-person meeting is required to assess the project and scope. This meeting will allow us to gather all the details and information needed to start the process of putting together a project outline and budget.

Step 4: Budget

Fee required

Based on the site visit and discussed project scope, our team will put together a detailed budget that outlines all requested tasks and could include any additional recommendations we may have. We will review the budget in detail and discuss payment schedule and expectations. We can only schedule the project in and commence work once the project budget and scope is approved in writing.

Step 5: Site Measure & Retainer

Fee required

At this stage, the project officially commences. We will arrange a 3-4 hour meeting to conduct a site measure of the existing home to create architectural drawings for required permits. The payment schedule will outline the retainer payment required at this point before we commence drawings and apply for permits.

Step 6: Scope of Work

No fee

With the site measure completed, we will then develop a project scope of work that outlines all details related to the project. This will cover all required tasks, what they entail, the team(s) completing the work and the anticipated timelines for each task. Reviewing the project scope of work is preferably done in person with the client and our Project Manager to ensure alignment on all details.

Step 7: Contract

Fee required

Once the client approves our scope of work and decides they want to proceed, we move to drafting an official contract in which both parties must sign to the agreed upon terms. Again, the payment schedule will outline the deposit required at this point to move forward. Introductions will be made to the Signature Lux Project Manager and crew. Once permits are approved, construction will commence based on the outlined contract.